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    سيرفر5083 AssassinCreed يعود من جديد vbc24hours drop 500k الحق مكانك



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    سيرفر5083 AssassinCreed يعود من جديد vbc24hours drop 500k الحق مكانك

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    AssassinCreed بكل جديد وحصرى 5855

    Game Version  5855
    Drob 500k
    Game Status  Online
    Characters  Assassin - Pirate - Monk - Ninja - Trojan - Water - Fire
    and soon new Characters

    Skill Soul System ,,
    Ai System , Offline System , Booth System , Jiang Hu System , Chi System
    Auto Hunting System , Booth in any where system , Market Seller System , Wanted System
    GuidWar , Clan War , Elite Pk War , CTF War , Elite Guild War
    Skill Team , Last Team Standing , Sky Fight , DisCity , Speed Race , Steed Race
    Last Man Standing , Daily Pk , Crazy Fight , Pole War , Donation War
    Top Spouse , Top Players , Green Land War , Big Monster
    and more,,,

    Prevents talk about politics or religion within the game -
    this is just game not for Political conflict
    Prevents use any hackers or programs stil fun of game -
    if you do this you will send to Jial !
    Prevents the use of the game in commerce it's only for entertainment -
    not for commerce
    Very important
    We hope to be just the funniest game where you do not waste your homework religious or scholastic

    Thank you for your cooperation with us and we hope you enjoy the game

    Skill Soul


    -لو عندك اخر كلينت كونكر اونلاين تفك الباتش ده فيها

    mediafire.com download/irtvy4ffa0zoxjr/AssassinCreed-If+You+Have-3DMap-Dwonload+The+Patch.rar

    -لو معندكش اخر اصدار هتحمل الباتش ده

    mediafire.com download/gogua1uhwu1p53l/AssassinCreed-Co-V5855-FullPatch.rar

    -وده صفحه اللعبه


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